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Jimmy sent out emails to all of his so-called experts and published up their responses.

If there's a better demonstration of why a biased, mired in dogma, dishonest, scientifically ignorant person like Jimmy Moore should not be a gatekeeper in a community like this, I don't know of one.

Thus, although he, like yours truly, is often accused of ad hominem attacks, his style has been anything but. Some may not like his choice of words, but his criticisms of Taubes are over the quality of Taubes' research and the lack of scientific evidence supporting Taubes' various assertions. Does he not have a library (or access to one) stocked with some of the basics and classics such as Lehninger's Principles of Biochemistry -- perhaps as a text used in his studies at UC Chico?

from your favorite guru only to have someone exclaim how old that is and how your guru's opinions have changed? It is a sensitive issue and needs more "care" than your run of the mill blogging.

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Mat doesn't offer any citations, or Robb didn't publish them.

Not the best showing for Mat, but ultimately it's Robb's post so he should have fleshed this out for his readers. A quick Google Scholar search on brain insulin resistance nets this 2000 paper: Role of Brain Insulin Receptor in Control of Body Weight and Reproduction (link to download of PDF here).

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