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Asymptomatic gonorrhea infection can also occur in men as well. Although theoretically straightforward to treat, the growing number of cases of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea mean that treatment is becoming more and more difficult.

Using the wrong antibiotic, or the right antibiotic the wrong way, can leave someone still infected -- with bacteria that will be even harder to get rid of on the second attempt.

When treating gonorrhea, it's also important to be aware that non-genital cases of gonorrhea are more difficult to treat than genital cases.

Oral and rectal gonorrhea may also be more difficult to detect.

Without such open and honest discussion, it's easy for such infections to go undetected for very long periods of time. There is a lot of folk history about why gonorrhea is called "the clap." The most common belief is that it gained the name because doctors treated it by clapping the penis hard between their hands to force out infected secretions. There have also been suggestions that gonorrhea is called the clap because it derives from related French words for the terms "brothel" and "sore". One thing is certain, however, popular wisdom is wrong about the term dating back to World War II.

The Oxford English Dictionary has examples of "the Clap" being used to describe genital infections since the 1500s.

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That is when resistant strains were found more and more often in the general public.In early 2012, scientists started reporting that gonorrhea was now becoming resistant to cephalosporins -- the last line of defense against infection.Today, in order to address concerns about antibiotic resistant gonorrhea, doctors have been instructed to treat it with not one but two antibiotics.Bold descriptions and a different background highlight a Gold member anywhere in search results, with your Gold star a good indication of your sincerity.For the rest of the site the Gold star follows you around making you stand out. Gold members can sort their search results to suit, look for other Gold Members, find out who was last online, the most recent ad changes, who signed up recently or show people with photos first. Ensure you are contacting active NZDating members by limiting search results to those members who have been online recently that meet your criteria.

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