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Whenever sexual (vital) fluids are lost (especially if too often) one's spiritual inspiration and enthusiasm for living, if any, tends to mysteriously fade into the background.

One can't meditate as deeply or feel as excited about the benefits of higher consciousness, or even feel the same joy or enthusiasm for life, yoga, and meditation as one did before the loss of sexual energy during one's previous period of abstinence.

One tends to look forward to getting things done in a creative way while enjoying much greater motivation, bliss, joy, resilience, determination, and love for one's duty.

In other words, sex (especially if too much) can short circuit one's enthusiasm to stride life's challenges!

This unfortunate fact of life seems to get even worse as one gets older especially if one forgets to take proper care of one's health.

Forget about unconditional love, wholesome affection, and sincere commitment, these ads seem to encourage a prodigious expenditure of only the most physical, basic urges while making one think that the size of that one part of the male anatomy is all that matters! Even though sex may be a natural, essential part of life, so is being stuck in a physical body along with all its severe restrictions, miseries and complications lifetime after lifetime.

Christians should especially be aware of this fact.

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For what reason was Adam and Eve cast out of the Garden of Eden in the first place?

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