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To what extent was the colonial legacy the main problem in two non-European new states, each chosen from a different region? Assess the causes of the rise of nationalism in one non-European new state.8.Compare and contrast the independence movements in two developing states, one in Africa and the other in Asia.9.Compare and contrast the influence outside their own countries of Hitler and Mao.15.Examine the status of women in two single-party states, each chosen from a different region.For what reasons, and with what results, was either India or Kenya successful in obtaining independence? Examine gender issues before and after independence in either Algeria or Pakistan.Topic 3 The rise and rule of single-party states 14.Guiding Architects is an international network for architectural guided tours.

Evaluate the role of one superpower in the Cold War after 1970.25.Die Destillerie liegt inmitten der unberührten Berge von Aberdeenshire, Heimat des prachtvollen schottischen Steinadlers, der noch heute seine Kreise über der Destillerie zieht.Ardmore ist keine typische Festland-Destillerie, da sie als einzige ausschließlich über Torffeuer getrocknete Gerste für die Herstellung ihres Whiskys verwendet.Assess the relationship between an ethnic or racial minority with the ethnic or racial majority in that state.29. Assess the importance of air power in determining the outcome of one twentieth century war.3.For what reasons, and with what results, did religious majorities fear religious minorities in the twentieth century? How did education both help and hinder the integration of minorities? In 1924 Hitler wrote: “The masses of the population are more affected by rhetoric than by any other force. “Guerilla warfare was an important factor in achieving success in twentieth century wars.” To what extent do you agree with this statement? Examine the reasons for, and the results of, the Indo-Pakistan wars (1947–1971).5.

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Topic 4 Peace and cooperation: international organizations and multiparty states16.

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