Online books on sex education in schools

“The entire literature on single-sex schooling is confounded by the possible presence of student and school selection biases,” says Rebecca S.

Bigler, Ph D, a psychology professor at the University of Texas at Austin who studies gender role development and racial stereotyping.

“What’s particularly important is presenting school structures and educational opportunities in ways that can appeal to and draw on individuals’ interests, aptitudes and motivations as opposed to their category membership,” says Pennsylvania State University psychologist Lynn Liben, Ph D, who studies how stereotypes affect children’s educational and occupational choices.

Many education experts attribute Urban Prep’s success to its eight-hour school day, intense focus on college and double periods of English.

But some credit another factor: the school’s single-sex format and use of teaching methods that are engaging to young men.

Other studies have also shown disparities in language processing between the sexes, concluding that the language areas of the brain in many 5-year-old boys look similar to that of many 3-year-old girls (, Vol. “It’s not enough to teach well; you have to teach well to kids who are developmentally ripe for learning.” For example, asking 5-year-old boys to sit still, be quiet and pay attention is often not developmentally appropriate for them, but there are other ways to teach boys to read that don’t require boys to sit still and be quiet, he says.

“In some of the most effective boys’ classrooms for 5-year-old boys, one boy is standing and making buzzing noises, while another is lying on the floor, and another is twirling,” Sax says.

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The benefit of single-sex schools, however, is that they offer the dynamic of having only one sex in the classroom at a time, creating opportunities that don’t exist in the coed classroom, she says.

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