Park bom dating rumors

#2 (131017) Actress Kim Yoo Jung is a huge fan of T. The mic was properly returned by fans shortly after. #4 (130926) Both 2NE1’s Hate You and G-Dragon’s Who You were originally titled, “Fuck You”.He got annoyed playing poorly on it, that he started practicing 3 years ago.He is now a fan of golf and goes to trips with Han Byul and his friends just to play golf in different courses for his free time.

He and his friends poured sand all over the car’s hood and used it as a slide to play with. #20 (120522) Yang Hyun Suk’s life principle: “Sleep when I lay down, and eat when given food” #21 (120512) Goo Hye Sun was originally training to be a singer.

Fans who were waiting for their arrival were shocked at the unusual act.

#13 (130302) The members of BIGBANG uses Line & Kakao to communicate with each other privately, especially when they are busy with their own individual activities. P is not a big fan of Social Networking Sites (SNS). P has an account in Line & Kakao, he is always late when replying to the group chat.

The members created their own personal private group chat. He once mentioned that he hates: Twitter, Kakao, Line etc though most members use them. #14 (121121) Lee Ha Yi’s 2nd Single “Scarecrow” was originally meant for Park Bom.

Park Bom’s version was never released officially but she performed it at BIGBANG’s Concert back in 2007. #16 (120713) D-UNIT’s title track, “I’M MISSIN’ YOU” for their 1st Album ‘Welcome To Business’, was originally made for BIGBANG and is produced by DM & Kush.

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But when asked to name the members of BIGBANG, he failed to do so.

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