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In case of disabled viewstate the events will be fired like this: Note that in order to make 4 to happen, the recreation of the grid in 3 should be exactly the same as when the grid is data-bound on the previous postback.To ensure that 6 will be fired, you should have set the Data Source of Telerik Rad Grid to null/Nothing in 4 or 5 Moreover, if you want to rebind the grid explicitly from postback event of an external control when Enable View State is set to False, set the Data Source property of the control to null/Nothing and invoke the Rebind() method afterwards: Protected Sub My Button_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Event Args) Handles My Button. Data Source = Nothing 'call the Rebind() method after nullifying the data source Rad Grid1.Service settings are specified right in Rad Grid's definition through the markup.Rad Grid then automatically connects to the data service, retrieves the result and databinds. Page hey i have do this code protected void rg Product Name_Need Data Source(object source, Grid Need Data Source Event Args e) protected void rg Product Name_Update Command(object source, Telerik. On a side note, did you know that Rad Grid can bind to WCF Web Services automatically? NET 3.5 Client-Side Data Binding demo for a live example.

Writing code that coordinates between server and client to update only specified parts of a Web page usually requires in-depth knowledge of ECMAScript (Java Script).What happens is that the data loads properly upfront. As someone suggested below, I've tried moving it to Page_Load as well, and no go.However, on postback, if I remove the rows from the Grid View and try to rebind using the explicit Grid View. I know LINQ is returning the proper rowcount and such because I've called the countmethod and it returns the proper rowcount. Here's a rough example of my code: Gridviews are not re-bound on postback, their rows are pulled back from viewstate.You can use Web Parts controls inside A class in the Microsoft Ajax Library that coordinates partial-page rendering in the browser.The Page Request Manager class asynchronously exchanges information with the server, and exposes events and methods for custom client script development.

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