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You have to be sure that all these staff is a complete scam.If you notice the same insignificant mistakes but the word phases are from one construction – do not neglect to pay attention.However I am fond of talking as well, so you will never be bored with me of course.I like friends and you should know that I’ll accept friends of by beloved, his friends are my friends as well.Not to be innocent scam artist used to copy some information from profiles of reputable websites, in this case be attentive: you may see a mix of some rude mistakes from the very beginning and very good professional English.At least this must strike a warning note for you to meet a scam profile among thousand of others.There is no need to figure out why do they do that.

As a matter of fact one can meet scam in Kazan and if you meet Kazan as a place of origin, be sure these guys are from Mari El. The answer is simple: those people use too professional photos of models that looks like a big discrepancy with the whole profile information.

Moreover you start getting any special feelings to this person (oh, no! Maybe you will reconsider your attitude and change your mind – the issue is on dangerous position as your time is your arms.

So right now we would like you to read carefully some advices how to uncover signs that scam artist can give themselves away.

The first one is about a person briefly and then full description with no mistakes but written by the same person with really bad English (not native language)? I do like to look about the house as cozy place is the first thing to live in and to keep the home fire.

I could be the greatest support for you and if you need my attention – you’ll get it with my sincerest point of ready to listen to you any time.

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