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“It takes place on a train and it’s really a wonderful episode,” raves EP Oliver Goldstick. We pulled out all the stops.” Bonus scoop: The ‘ween-themed hour will ends with a doozy of a cliffhanger. — Gabby Ausiello: Could we be about to get a look at Howard’s mother?!? – Miguel Ausiello: Bay’s rebound boyfriend from Monday’s premiere? “It’s unclear whether it’s going to be in the next six episodes or the following season.” Regardless of whether he returns in the flesh, the character’s spirit will loom large when the second half of Season 2 picks up early next year.Possibly, since this season, she’s even getting her own boyfriend — Dr. “His [departure] is going to leave a power vacuum and allow for some changes within the firm,” teases Korsh.“Expect a little sparring, a little more mind fun than Axl’s used to having.Someone who’s a little Tina Fey-esque, perhaps.” Question: Can you give us some scoop about Alicia and Peter’s relationship on !“We sort of build to the idea where Meredith, who tends to clamp down because that’s her way, finally has a moment when she really mourns.” this season — aside from his breakup with Mercedes. —Joy Ausiello: Trouty Mouth is going to be quite the big fish in Season 4.In addition to getting a mysterious new love interest (guesses!?Jimmy’s presence is mostly felt whenever his demarbled mother Gillian (now the proud co-owner of a brothel! The incestuous menace has hired Richard Harrow to help rear little Tommy, but he’s under strict orders not to regale the orphan with stories of his late parents. Luckily, heads cool in time to track down MIA Audrey, who’s been abducted by a faceless figure hungry for intel on “The Colorado Kid.” One homage later, the hour closes with the introduction of many new questions about Audrey’s past, including one raised by a warning message she left for the world 20some years ago.

Rhimes tells me that there’s a “lovely episode” coming up where Mer is forced to deal with the loss.Cobra Starship was an American pop band created by former Midtown bassist and lead vocalist Gabe Saporta in 2003 in New York City. Other members are guitarist Ryland Blackinton, bassist Alex Suarez, drummer Nate Novarro, and keytarist Victoria Asher, all of whom provide backing vocals. He will be struggling with his conscience in a way.” Question: How long will Ben be in D. —Pete Ausiello: Although Ben’s out-of-town gig was supposed to last six months, I have to imagine that he and Leslie will be hand in hand (and all hands on deck! Mom’s a Stockard Channing type, classy and educated —with a bit of bite underneath. Two questions you should be asking yourself: Who escorts her to Bloodsucker U? In other time and I really consider her a friend,” notes Walsh’s boss, Shonda Rhimes. We did a count, and she has had the most boyfriends on the show — and that includes Regina, who, as we know, has had for good?For Dad, think Barry Bostwick — a grownup preppy with a Hawaiian girlfriend half his age. Any chance you (or your special A-team) have any scoop? 23 with a standalone Halloween episode that picks up a few weeks after last week’s summer finale left off. “I feel like she knows what she wants to do and is very clear about it — and not in a way that feels bitter. Everyone has their moment when they think to themselves, ‘Okay, I’ve done this; I’m ready for a new challenge.’ I don’t think that she will change her mind.” Question: Any scoop on ? —Jeremy Ausiello: “I would like to see him back,” says exec producer Aaron Korsh.

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“It will shift the perception of Pearson Hardman in the legal community and possibly make them a little bit more vulnerable than they thought.

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