Safer online dating service

Cults/Goth Sites that encourage Gothic and/or cult lifestyles like female enslavement, body mutilation and similar sites.

Drug Use Sites that encourage the use of recreational drugs.

AFO is dedicated to making the Internet as safe as possible.

With Total Net Guard you have improved Internet safety and accountability for your family while they are online.

All family members, children, teens and adults are vulnerable when surfing the Internet.

If you are using another security suite like Norton, Mc Afee or Parental Controls, there are some big differences in how you and your family are protected.

If you are concerned that your computer's Internet safety isn't up to par, you need an Internet content filter that helps protect your Christian lifestyle.

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We would also add, never (even with protected internet service) let your children browse the internet without keeping a close eye on where they are going.

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