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The hindlimb ended in a three-toed foot (pes), with a raised hallux.

The tail had an unusual structure within its interlocking prezygapophysis of its vertebrae, which formed a semi-rigid lattice, apparently to stop the tail from moving up and down.

According to Ezcurra (2007), and Bristowe and Raath (2004) Coelophysis can be distinguished based on the following features: the absence of an offset rostral process of the maxilla; the quadrate is strongly caudally; a small external mandibular fenestra, which is 9-10% of the mandibular length; Several paleontologists consider Coelophysis bauri to be the same dinosaur as Coelophysis rhodesiensis (formerly Syntarsus, alternately Megapnosaurus), however this has been refuted by the following: Downs (2000) concluded that C. rhodesiensis in cervical length, proximal and distal hindlimb proportions and proximal caudal vertebral anatomy; Edward Drinker Cope first named Coelophysis in 1889 to name a new genus, outside of Coelurus and Tanystrophaeus to which C. Colbert, in New Mexico, at the Ghost Ranch, close to the original find.

American Museum of Natural History paleontologist Edwin H.

In 2004 "Syntarsus" was found synonymous with Coelophysis by Tykoski and Rowe (2004). They therefore applied a different name, Rioarribasaurus, to the Ghost Ranch quarry specimens.

The study found that the vision of Coelophysis was superior to most lizards' vision, and ranked with that of modern birds of prey.

Colbert conducted a comprehensive study of all the fossils found up to that date and assigned them to Coelophysis.

The Ghost Ranch specimens were so numerous, including many well-preserved and fully articulated specimens, that one of them has since become the diagnostic, or type specimen, for the entire genus, replacing the original, poorly preserved specimen. rhodesiensis is probably part of this generic complex, and is known from the Jurassic of southern Africa. In the early 1990s, there was debate over the diagnostic characteristics of the first specimens collected, compared to the material excavated at the Ghost Ranch Coelophysis quarry.

The name Coelophysis therefore became a nomen conservandum ("conserved name").

In a situation affecting many dinosaur taxa, some more recently discovered fossils were originally classified as new genera but may be species of Coelophysis. Mignon Talbot's 1911 discovery This specimen consists of sandstone casts of a pubis, tibia, three ribs, and a possible vertebra, and probably originated in a quarry in Middletown, Connecticut.

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